Multifunctional Clicker & Whistle Dog Training Device


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Product information:
Material quality: PC material, high-grade, scratch-resistant
Weight: 0.02kg/piece
Size: Length about 7.5cm*width 3.5cm*thickness 2cm
Packing: transparent plastic bag, plus 0.5 yuan if you need paper card packing (also can be packed according to the customer’s requirements, the color of the bracelet can be changed to the same color as the clicker)
Suitable for: all dog breeds

1. (clicker and high-frequency whistle) 2 in 1 functional design. Press the heart-shaped switch with your hand to make a loud clicking sound. Whistling with your mouth produces high-frequency sounds, all with excellent penetration. This better guarantees that it can be used in different environments.
2. No effort to speak out. When trying to survive or ask for help, you must save your energy. A good survival whistle must be able to make a sound easily.
3. Integrated design, firm and reliable.

Additional information

Weight 0.03 kg
Dimensions 50 × 50 × 50 cm

Black, White, Red, Pink, Orange, Green, Light Green, Forest Green, Dark Blue, Sky Blue, Blue


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