Top Quality

Quality is important to us. Not just so we can sell more, but because its important to the health of our pets - and yours! To end up with top quality products we start with top quality ingredients. No exceptions.

Pet Health

Your pets health is our number 1 concern. That is, after all why we started producing pet treats. Commercial pet treats contain ingredients most of us can't even pronounce and some are even toxic to our pets!

Environment Friendy

We are dedicated to environmental improvements that foster a sustainable future and lead to social and economical improvements in the communities we do business.

Flat-Rate Canada-Wide Shipping

Shipping can be expensive. We are happy to provide $14.99 flat-rate shipping to anywhere in Canada and FREE shipping on orders over $99

Who We Are

JRS Pet Bakery is operated by Jeremy, Robert, and Sarah.  That’s the JRS part of our name!  We are all animal lovers and have a lot of pets!

Like many of you, some of our pets have allergies and other dietary restrictions.  Finding the right products for pets with these issues is frustrating and next to impossible.  That’s when we got together and decided to produce our own.

No matter what your pets dietary requirements are we can help!

Our Amazing Team

Jeremy Boivin

Operating Manager

Jeremy handles most of the day to day operations of the business, including marketing, production, sales, and purchasing.

Robert Brockleschen

Finance & Logistics

Robert works mostly behind the scenes.  He handles the finances, logistics and transportation including making local deliveries.

Sarah Wilson

Research & Development

If you have ever attended one of our markets chances are you have met Sarah.  Sarah is responsible for production, sales, and research.

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Healthy IS Happy!

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